Primary/Secondary School Student Visa

The School Student visa is for understudies planning to head out to Australia so as to concentrate in an essential or optional school. This visa is additionally for understudies taken a crack at a trade program.


• Applicants for this visa must:

• Be acknowledged in a full-time program of study

• Provide confirmation of acknowledgment

• Provide confirmation of aim to remain in Australia on an impermanent premise

• Be monetarily adequate for study, travel, facilities and some other costs

• Meet all wellbeing prerequisites

• Have medical coverage (candidates can apply for the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) on the off chance that they are not from a nation partaking in a complementary medical care understanding)

• Have English aptitudes needed for course of study

• Have a solid scholarly record

• Meet character prerequisites

• Pay all obligations to the Australian government or have game plans to reimburse all obligations

• Sign the Australian Values Statement if beyond 18 years old

Candidates for this visa can live and read in Australia for the course of the examination. The visa will terminate after the course of study wraps up. Visas for understudies selecting courses for a very long time or less will terminate a month after the course is finished. Candidates tried out courses enduring longer than 10 months that finish in January through October will have a visa that terminates two months after the course is finished. Candidates taking courses enduring 10 months or more that end toward the finish of the scholastic year in November or December will be allowed a visa through the next March 15.

Candidates for this visa are qualified to work while holding the School Student visa, as long as the candidate is of a qualified working age. Candidates are capable work a limit of 40 hours/fortnight during the course study, however while the course is out of meeting the candidate can work boundless hours.

So as to hold this visa, candidates must:

• Maintain enlistment in course of study

• Have acceptable participation

• Make course progress

• Not change instruction supplier inside the initial a year

• Keep training supplier educated regarding any adjustment in address

• Maintain monetary security

Candidates for this visa younger than 18 have extra necessities, including unfamiliar international students. Candidates under age 18 must have parental assent, just as government assistance plans. Government assistance game plans guarantee that the candidate is upheld during the proposed course of study.

Subordinate applications are permitted on the School Student Visa. Relatives or accomplices are qualified to work in Australia as long as 40 hours/fortnight and accomplices are additionally qualified to concentrate as long as a quarter of a year.

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