Top 3 Things to Do on a Melbourne Weekend

Aside from the acclaimed drama house in Sydney, koala bears and kangaroos, Australia has more to flaunt in different urban communities like Melbourne. It handled the best position as the most bearable city on the planet in 2011 dependent on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Report. Beside the nature of solace, security, climate, and instruction in this city, there are in excess of a hundred things that Melbourne can offer. Here are top 3 things travelers and local people the same can do in Melbourne throughout the end of the week.

Visit the “Most Edible City”

Additionally named as the “most palatable city” in Australia, Melbourne is home to the most-anticipated Food and Wine Festival that happens each March. Individuals from various states and parts of the world run to the city to partake and encounter food and wine at its best. It is acceptable on the off chance that you can plan your excursion during this season. On the off chance that you miss this out, there are as yet an assortment of caf├ęs and cooking styles that can fulfill the foodie in you. From real Australian BBQ to Asian and European cooking styles, you have a wide determination of eateries that can accommodate your spending plan and food yearnings.

Imaginative Indulgence

Workmanship, film, and culture are bountiful in this piece of Australia. Ordinary theater exhibitions, musicals and creations are opened for any crowd or energetic theater darling who is searching for amusement and a decent show during his remain. In the event that you end up being visiting in August, you may likewise need to look at the Melbourne Art Fair which exhibits 80 chose public and global workmanship displays and highlights driving contemporary specialists from around the globe. Workmanship darlings and gatherers would appreciate this head visual expressions presentation.


You don’t have to go exceptionally far to appreciate an amazing perspective on nature. A short 1-hour drive from Melbourne CBD will take you to Yarra Valley. This is a well known place of interest away from the rushing about of the city. You can book a hideaway house for some great R&R, appreciate a sentimental escape with your accomplice, take an exceptional sight-seeing balloon ride, and then some. Wine visits are additionally offered to sightseers in the Yarra Valley. Wellbeing retreats and spa administrations are additionally accessible for extreme rest and unwinding.

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